Providing the highest quality Wholesale Organic and Wildcrafted Raw Superfoods directly from small family farms.

We've traveled the globe in search of the most nutrient rich superfoods and therapeutic herbs on the planet. Our superfoods and herbs are meticulously sourced from pristine locations where clean water, pure air, and mineral rich soil provide the ideal circumstances for these powerful superfoods to thrive. 

From the deserts of Africa to isolated coastlines of India, from the Andes of Peru to the Amazon Rainforest – our products are the purest superfoods on the planet. We source only the highest integrity and potency superfoods, drying all materials at temperatures under 110° Fahrenheit. 

Working With Family farms

Ethnoafrica works directly with small family farms, such as our exclusive maca farm perched up at over 12,000ft elevation on the Junin Plateau in the Peruvian Andes where traditional Organic farming methods have been passed down for thousands of years.

Pristine Farm Locations

We've personally sought out small organic farms in the most pristine locations of Africa, South America, and the Himalaya Mountains – family farms where fresh clean air, crystal clear spring water, and ancient mineralized soil provide ideal conditions for our superfoods.

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About Us:

A small family run company, we have been importing and exporting the highest quality ethnobotanicals and superfoods for nearly two decades. We directly source only the highest quality and integrity products from small organic farms around the world.

Our Philosophy:

By supporting small organic family farms, giving consumers access to the most vibrant living foods, and promoting products that preserve biodiversity and protection of vital habitats such as the Amazon Rainforest we aim to improve the quality of life and health of all people.


Our products are sourced from pristine family farms located all over the world:

Africa, India, Peru and Ecuador

Our Guarantee:

We supply only the most pure, highest quality superfoods and herbs on the planet. Our products are 100% pure with no additives, preservatives, or fillers.